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  1. August 11, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    As long as you sail WITH the Russian Navy, I see no reason why the Israelis should or would restrict your entry upon arrival. Otherwise, Israel in its great humanitarianism and overwhelming kindness will likely hold its own version of the Boston Tea Party aboard your vessels. Sorry, but I don’t see any point in wasting money on ruined “tea.” Freeing the Palestinian People must remain a global commitment. . . one which can only be adjudicated in its fullness when adequate pressure is applied from the governments of Earth against the Zionists. It seems to me that this ‘rectally recalcitrant’ mission of yours is doomed to failure from the start; that once the ‘tea party’ has become a faits accompli, your efforts will have only been successful in further demoralizing the poor Palestinians. It may very well mark a juncture in the long episode of Zionist cruelty, which “breaks the camel’s back.” Is that not precisely what the Israelis are hoping for? Remember –– you have not only Israel to contend with, but all the might of the US Navy as well. All the vessels in the US fleet are under the command of Zionist Jews. You will receive no help from them. What will you do, when you steam into the Palestinian port and Israel immediately boards your vessels? Fight? You and the Palestinians both would be better off biding your time, stockpiling the assets you have on hand and awaiting a better tactical advantage.

  2. August 18, 2008 at 7:58 am

    All is possible when big brother, mammon & political power coalesce in clandestine concordance.

  3. 3 Robert Norton Cable
    September 8, 2008 at 1:45 am

    BRAVO, Capt. Boston, BRAVO!!!!!!!

  4. 4 Demetrios
    April 23, 2009 at 4:56 am

    I have been reading over the info about the USS Liberty.
    I am wondering if this great ship is in drydock anywhere or was it completely destroyed by the US government to fascilitate the coverup of it’s attack by “our supposed ally israel”??
    I have been trying to inform people about this in my own way for years. Thank you and please carry on the Good and Honorable fight for American Justice. Demetrios.

  5. 5 Akira
    May 21, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    I tried to bring up what happened to the USS Liberty on a blog apparently run by US military veterans.

    I was accused of being a Nazi and Jew-hater and antisemite, and a “MISERABLE LYING DIRT BAG” and a “despicable pile of excrement”. “Blood libel” and the Holocaust were brought up, naturally. The venerable authority of the ADL and the “Jewish Virtual Encyclopedia” were deployed against me.

    This was after providing links to the speech by Phil Tourney and the various documentaries available online.

    Actually a Jewish commentator was the most spittleflecked in his denunciations of my “antisemitic ravings”.

    The two site owners were more restrained in their criticisms, but the so-called “Israelis” (I consider the Orthodox Christian Church to be Israel, BTW) seem to have an occult grip upon their otherwise patriotic souls.

    Some samples:


    “Michael Oren’s book … It says here that the U.S. Joint Chief of Staff sent 5 cable messages to the USS Liberty supposedly ordering it to stay more than 100 miles off the Sinai coast. Which, obviously, it did not comply with.”

    My response:

    “Lies, which are easily disproven. Even the official US cover-up doesn’t make such a ridiculous assertion.

    “Logic alone should show how offensively absurd that is. 5 cables ordering the captain to stay 100 miles from the war zone, but he just ups and wanders over with the fleets intelligence matrix for a pleasure cruise in a war zone? Or in spite of supposedly being the most sophisticated communications ship in the fleet, the cables didn’t arrive?

    “”Oh, sorry … the answering machine must have been turned off … I guess I forgot to turn the ringer back on … well, you see, what happened is, we did get some sort of message like that, but we thought it was a prank …”

    “Does that make any sense?

    “And then instead of being court-martialed for dereliction of duty or discharged for incompetence, the captain was decorated for his bravery and sacrifice?

    “Or what? Somebody sent the cables to the wrong ship?

    “”Well thar we whar, floatin’ in tha middle of that thar Pacific Ocean thing, an we got us a cayble sent what sayed we wuz supposed to stay nigh a hunnert mile or so offa tha shore, an we just plumb cain’ted figger it out no way no how whut it wuz all abowt. Well, that’s how we do run this heah US Navy, see? We ain’t got us a clue what the heck we’s doin at all!”

    “Can you read Oren’s cable fable out loud and keep a straight face?”


    “As to the the rescue missions that were ordered back, that sounds a lot like confusion amongst ship captains who were obviously ordered to stay 100 miles off shore and would be violating said orders by attempting a rescue.”

    [How can one respond to such insanity? It’s like dealing with cult members. In fact, they are. They’ve been brainwashed by Zionism.]


    “The Israeli reconnaissance aircraft that flew over the USS Liberty claims that there was no flag identifying which nation the ship belonged to. This could have been a simple case of pilot error, or another possibility is that because the USS Liberty was on Recon, it wasn’t flying a flag. Yes, I know that several of the crewmen swear they were flying a flag, but since the flag issue wasn’t raised until well after the incident, the crewmen might possibly be mistaken.”

    My response:

    “Your insistence on discounting the sworn testimony of the survivors is, frankly, disturbing.

    “I doubt you’d dare say it to their faces.”

    As I’m neither an American, nor a military veteran, if you would care to set these misguided bastards straight:

    God bless you all.

    – Akira

  6. 7 Gary Amirault
    June 11, 2010 at 3:07 am

    Has anyone written a rebuttal or comment on this review and the book in the review? If so, could you please pass the info on? Thanks, Gary

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